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ACE Science Working Group (SWG) Workshop

Date: June 9-11, 2014
Venue: NASA Goddard SpaceFlight Center, Greenbelt, MD
Workshop Type: Open

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Aerosol-Cloud-Ecosystem (ACE), a mission recommended by NRC's 2007 Earth Science Decadal Survey (DS), is under NASA pre-formulation study. The ACE science working group (SWG) was established to study in more detail the mission concepts, science measurement requirements, and instrument capabilities, and consists of three subgroups focusing aerosol, cloud and ocean ecosystem sciences. Two previous ACE community workshops were held in 2008 and 2009, which led to several comprehensive reports on these studies.

This workshop seeks to better define the ACE mission measurement requirements and instrument concepts through wide community participation and input. The ACE SWG will update technical assessment and maturation plans for polarimeter, radar, and lidar concepts, and refinemission science requirements. In light of a possible early-going Pre-ACE (PACE) mission, the workshop will discuss and explore potential synergy between PACE and ACE.

Please contact Dong Wu, David Starr, or Hal Maring if any questions regarding this workshop.

ACE will assist in answering fundamental science questions associated with aerosols, clouds, and ocean ecosystems, by making improved and more comprehensive measurements through the use of innovative and advanced remote sensing technologies. Aerosols measured by ACE include those of both man-made and natural origins, the latter of which is contributed significantly by ocean ecosystems.

For aerosols, ACE seeks to distinguish aerosol types and associated optical properties and size. For cloud systems and processes, ACE will measure profiles of cloud hydrometeors, distinguishing cloud droplets and raindrops, and ice crystals and snow, including profile measurements of particle size and cloud optical properties. The properties and behaviors of cloud hydrometeors are known to change in the presence of aerosols while clouds are also known to significantly process and alter the aerosols population.

The surface and microscopic ecosystem of Earth's ocean is a crucial link in the global carbon cycle. ACE will be able to make more accurate measurements and distinguish those ocean ecosystem components that actively take up and/or store carbon dioxide from those that don't.

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ACE will help to answer emerging fundamental science questions associated with aerosols, clouds, air quality and global ocean ecosystems.

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